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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sears Suits: Smartly simple, softly feminine

The 1947-1948 Fall and Winter Sears Catalog states...
Swallowtail Suit (Left) in a soft-draping virgin wool comes in the season’s smartest colors, is tailored with accent on quality. For fashion’s sake it wing spreads its collar, lengthens a rayon lined jacket to sleek tunic proportions. Novelty buttons sit in scallops on a femininely rounded hipline. Side-slit, gored skirt with a Talon zipper. Sizes 10 – 20
Kelly (bright) green, medium blue, grey $19.98

A Sears Special Value (Right)…the tunic suit in a tightly woven, domestic Shetland-type all wool is loved for its willowy waistline, wonderful way it curves out sleekly over a slender skirt. Rayon lined jacket goes to new longer length, has high-or-low collar, double close of buttons, slanty hip-flaps. Gored skirt closes sleekly with Talon zipper. Sizes 10 – 20
Kelly (bright) green, medium blue, grey $16.98
 I colored my drawings with my children's markers, and neither is colored as stated in the catalog.


  1. That they really are! I'm especially fond of the one on the left with it's peplum flared jacket. I'd happily wear either though, be they in the colours they first appeared or the timelessly lovely hues you applied to them.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh so lovely! I wish I could wear fashions such as these. I wish everyone wore more modest and comely fashions.
    Harvest Lane Cottage

  3. Hello Laura,

    I just discovered that you visited me here at Unforgettable Fashions! How nice of you to check it out. I hope to do more with my drawings here.
    I love the old suits and how women used to dress nicely when going out (men too) - even to baseball games.
    Your visits are a blessing to me.

    :) Hope